Cubanisto’s House of Mask comes to Manchester

Expect top artists, street food and lots of dancing.


Oxford Union President Ben Sullivan will NOT face rape charges

Police say no further action will be taken


We asked some grown ups for their patronising advice about uni

Ever wondered on what it might be like to finish uni, pay a mortgage and experience more than one 7 o’ clock a day?


This Lancashire night club video will make you believe in fun again

Watch the ‘Bounce by the Ounce’ crew absolutely having it


Killed for protecting his girlfriend: Parklife marred by spate of vicious attacks

Another man slashed in the neck with a broken vodka bottle because he refused to buy pills


Did you do Parklife right?

Even in torrential rain and fields of thick mud, Parklife can be the best event of the year. If you messed it up, take some tips for next year.

Today's Carnage punters are tomorrow's Jeremy Kyle guests

You have to be a moron to go to Carnage

We’ve long believed it about the popular bar crawl but after four Cardiff girls beat up a homeless person, we guess it’s official: the only people who like Carnage are twats

I'll stick to diet coke, thanks

I’m going to Parklife and I won’t be taking MD

It’s a cliche but it’s true – you don’t need drugs for a good time


Clubber Steve: The Movie

VIDEO: Clubbing at boob level with Oxford’s biggest baller


So you didn’t get Parklife tickets…

Step one: DON’T PANIC. There are some other ways (albeit more shit) to spend this weekend if you’re stuck in Manchester

Parklife 2013

Revealed: The Parklife Weekender full line-up

Parklife announce surprise acts ahead of this weekend’s sell-out festival


Small Desk Pete: I just want my life back

Here’s Pete, he has the smallest desk in his Manchester halls, and it’s become a defining part of his university experience


Miss England hopefuls do a bikini shoot, and that is literally the whole story

The Miss England Beach Beauty swimwear round was in Torquay today. Here are some pictures of the action unfolding


I had an abortion

The Tab talks to Alice*, 19, about her experience


Valuable prints uncovered in John Rylands

Hot property unearthed at the fancier Deansgate version of JRUL


Ban booze from campus, say Home Office and NUS…even though student drinking is DROPPING

Patronising Alcohol Impact scheme orders unis to ban drinking in SU bars and stamp out pub crawls