Alpha student at Leeds Metropolitan showcases his Nike Manbag

Warehouse Project bans MAN BAGS from Store Street venue

Sexist dress code has ‘nothing to do with drugs policy’

Stockport's answer to the batmobile

Hero bikes across Manchester with tablets to save stranger in danger

Student Zeki Al-Khishali sped across the city with life saving meds

Image: Manchester Evening News

Violent thug hits paramedic with shampoo bottle

The mid-afternoon attack was completely unprovoked

The 19-year-old was attending Pangaea

Fake taxi driver sexually assaults woman after Pangaea

The victim got into the car on Oxford Road


Ricky Hatton spotted partying with freshers in Sakura

A fight broke out at and he didn’t get involved

Claire - concerned about the 'spiritual home'

Everyone is raving about WHP’s return to Store Street

It’s all about the “intimate vibes”

Paige and Lydia's response

Don’t have a house party, you might get kicked out of uni

New off campus discipline rules branded an ‘absolute joke’


Campus style: What’s your freshers’ fashion?

Look at these trendy new arrivals


Squirrels Comedy Club is actually pretty funny

Steve Bugeja made us laugh a lot


Everybody wants to go to Manchester Uni

We’ve attracted more applicants than any other uni in the UK, and employers love us


Drive-by pizza theft in Fallowfield leaves man hungry

Imagine if this happened to you


Lock-In all the student discounts in Manchester

The Student Lock-In is coming to the intu Trafford Centre today between six and 10pm


Spencer Matthews: ‘I love Manchester, mate’

He was presumably taking a break from the pressures of London life


Never miss another shopping delivery again with CollectPlus

Stop worrying about missing the postman and choose Click & Collect from CollectPlus instead. It’s the smart choice


Mancheater: 245 bluffers caught in the last year

Uni disciplines hundreds for cheating – and 70 per cent are international


Pangaea’s Rumble in the Jungle didn’t dissapoint

No one ever has a bad Pangaea