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Serious motorbike collision closes road in Deansgate

Another incident in Deansgate has left street closed for emergency services

Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff cocktails

Siriusly fun: PotterSoc hosts sorting ceremony

Slytherin come out on top


Man violently glassed in the neck on dancefloor of Deansgate club

Club Liv has now been forced to shut its doors

Lizzie, 1st year English Literature and Spanish student

Look at these well dressed students

They’re always outside Ali G

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Store Street is so much better

Apart from the loos

Baa Bar brawl brings Wilbraham Road to a standstill

Road closed after drunken 3am bust-up

Tilly, Third Year, History. Tilly’s yellow jumper is a welcome reminder of sunshine, perfectly paired with a statement collar.

Campus style: Trans-seasonal triumphs

Our pick of Manchester’s top trans-seasonal trendies.


The Tab takes over Play No Games this Thursday

First Artful Dodger, now this

Wear something inconspicuous

Dress your way out of a hangover

You don’t have to look that shit


Cocky Manchester grad to appear on The Apprentice

‘I don’t need to nudge people out the way, I’m just better than them’


Watch: Deansgate evacuated after drive-by shooting outside Living Room

The horrifying event caught on CCTV


Student pets: Meet baby bunnies Pluto and Bruce

These BPOCs (big pets on campus) are cooler than you


Campus Style: Who is your style inspiration?

were you spotted this week?

Photography by Kirsty Fletcher

Fashion celeb Hannah Louise Farrington’s guide to Manchester

In case you don’t know your way around yet


Student hospitalised after brutal attack in Fallowfield

Three students were attacked after getting out of a taxi near Wilmslow Road


This one time at Fifth Ave…American Pie’s Kevin DJs at student night

His career is going strong


Manchester campus style

Manchester’s most stylish!